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It's been almost two years since RPS moved into its current location in LA. Time sure has flown! We've also had some new additions in that time. In December we moved up to Pro Tools 12 and upgraded our OS to El Capitan! Lots of great new features now available, from track freeze/commit, VCA faders, new batch fades, and more! We've also added some new plugins as well, from Lindell Audio, Brainworx, TDR, Unfiltered Audio, plus pleasant updates from Slate Digital, Celemony, and Soundtoys. As for hardware we also added the Focusrite Octopre Dynamic MKII, so we have 16 simultaneous inputs, 8 with compression. We are always growing, learning and progressing. There are plenty of other things happening in the background and will be announced in the near future. Thanks!


New Stand Guard Songs!

Last night we finished up the mixing and mastering for three new Stand Guard songs After tracking everything last week! Here are the results, check it out!

New Maladjusted EP Release from RPS

Last month saw the release of the new Maladjusted EP, entitled "Not Taking Our Minds" that was recorded, mixed and mastered here. That was a unique release as we aimed to get a more cohesive band sound, by setting up maladjusted as if it were a show. In August we got set up with the drums centered, the bass amp behind the drums, and a guitar cab on the left and right of the set, with everything all mic'd to capture the entire EP live. The guitar effects were all manipulated live as well (mostly heard on the intro for "accused of hate" and the bridge and end of "no sympathy", During September we did the vocals, using the Crown City Graytec IX pre¸ and finally moved on to mixing and mastering in October. When tracking, we used a sub kick, that was originally intended to be for the kick drum, but because the room itself is very small, it ended up being a general low end mic, picking up a lot of bass, which ended up making this record very heavy/thick sounding. And of course during mixing and mastering we enhanced the low end even more with Slate VCC and VBC (two of our favorite plugins found on nearly everything we mix). With the small room, and a lot of low end punch, we really went for a wall of sound audible sound. Heaviness that retains clarity, but really emphasizes the lower tunings.  Anyway, here is the link to the release!



New Songs with FORGED, updated plug-ins!

Life is busy, but here's another band that was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Rising Phoenix at the end of March. We did 9 songs in one night, and this was the result. Check out FORGED and a few of the songs from that night!

In other news, we have switched to the updated version of Slate Digital's VCC....version 2.0. It is now integrated into their Mix Rack system, which is quite convenient, and the new SSL 4KE emulation sounds great! The reduced CPU usage is much appreciated as well. There should be some more news coming soon!


We just finished 6 new Stand Guard Songs last night, and it's some straight forward and ripping LA hardcore! We went minimal on drum mics, with just kick, snare, two overheads and a mono room mic. Check it out!



California punk band Maladjusted have just released their debut EP today. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Rising Phoenix. You can listen and download the entire 8 track EP entitled Death Is the Only Relief at their bandcamp page: http://maladjustedhc.bandcamp.com

They will be playing a handful of shows at the end of this month to support the release of  a cassette tape version of the EP. Go check them out!


Upcoming Release from MALADJUSTED

Vegan and feminist band, MALADJUSTED, will be having the digital release of their debut EP entitled DEATH IS THE ONLY RELIEF available for free on bandcamp on May 12th. It was tracked at Rising Phoenix earlier this month, taking only 4 days to get everything done
 The EP is 8 songs long, clocking in at just under 11 minutes. The mixing and mastering is being done at Rising Phoenix as well, and should be wrapping up shortly. There will be a hard copy version for the analog fans available at the end of May as well. Keep your ears open for this EP and band!